Spring Yard Waste Disposal Tips

fall leavesIt’s time again for Spring cleaning! Clearing away the leaves from your lawn and yard will help spruce things up and make way for Spring blossoms. Here are some spring yard waste disposal tips to keep in mind as you gather up leaves, brush, and trimmings.

Yard Waste Storage

Place leaves and other small items into large biodegradable paper bags. These bags are typically sold at your local hardware store as well as other retail stores. Be sure not to overfill the bags. Also, avoid leaving these bags out on rainy days (as the bottom of the bag may fall apart). For large branches, you may be able to use biodegradable twine to tie them up. Make sure the bundles are not too large and can be easily moved.

Yard Waste Disposal

If your community offers trash disposal services, they may also offer yard waste removal services in the Spring and Fall. Check their website for information on pick-up dates and for any specific instructions. Some may require certain placement of waste on your curb and size limitations for branches and other large items. Also check for what items are accepted. Bags of leaves are commonly accepted. Some communities may not allow disposal of tree stumps, dirt, stones/rock, etc.

If yard waste disposal is not offered by your community, you may contact a waste disposal company such as Miller Waste Industries. Call us for a free quote (based on your volume of yard waste) and other information.