Safety Tips for Holiday Trash

The holidays are here, and so will be the holiday trash! After you open all of the presents next week, keep this in mind before placing your trash and recycling on the curb. It is important to remember some safety tips for holiday trash disposal.

Don’t Advertise Your Gifts

Don’t publicize what great and expensive gifts you received this year by placing the boxes on the curb for recycling. Big screen TV’s, laptops, iPads, and other expensive items can attract the attention of would-be burglars. Take the time to break down your boxes and “hide” the writing by turning facing it inwards in the pile.

Placement of Trash After a Storm

With any luck, we’ll have a white Christmas next week. If snow piles are around on trash day, be sure to shovel out a spot for your barrels on the sidewalk. This will ensure that your trash is actually picked up and will also make it safer for your trash collection employees. Be sure to also promptly bring your bins back in from the curb after trash collection so that they don’t get tossed or blown around (and damaged) on the already narrow streets.

More Safety Tips for Holiday Trash

If you have particular concerns about disposal of your holiday trash, contact your trash collection company. If you have too much trash and would like to schedule a special pickup, we will gladly provide you with a free quote. Contact Miller Waste Industries at 978-774-1761.