Proper Trash Bin Placement | Massachusetts Snow Build-up Challenges

It has been a rough winter so far in Massachusetts. With record-breaking snow fall and huge accumulations, most residents are dealing with very high snow banks. This can create challenges when it comes to trash removal services. Here are a few tips on proper trash bin placement to ensure that you do not experience an interruption in trash removal services.

Condition of Your Trash Bins

Keep the cover on your trash bins at all times. This prevents snow from accumulating inside the bin (during a storm), taking up valuable space and adding unnecessary weight. Lighter weight bins will be easier for you to move to the curb on trash day. It will also help keep your bins in good condition despite the rough weather. After a snow storm, be sure to clear the snow off the covers to prevent a collapse.

Proper Trash Bin Placement at the Curb

All Massachusetts residents are dealing with the same issues,…huge snow banks everywhere! Come trash day, you may be wondering where to put your bins.

Regular Bins
If you use normal trash barrels, you can place the bins at the end of your driveway or in a spot along the sidewalk that is cleared out. If using the sidewalk option, make sure that there is plenty of clearance so your bins will not get stuck or easily fall over with the wind.

Trash Toters

Improper trash bin placement among snow

Example of Improper Trash Toter Placement

If you use trash toters, your bin must be near the curb or at the end of your driveway AND have enough clearance to the left and right. Toters are picked up with automated trucks. The toters must be near the curb for the mechanical arms to reach it. There must also be enough space around the bin (several feet on each side) for the arms to grab them and easily place them back.

Massachusetts Snow Buildup Challenges

With more snow on the way, the challenges will continue for Massachusetts residents. Keep these tips for proper trash bin placement in mind to ensure that your trash gets picked up weekly without interruption. Missing a week will make it extremely difficult as there are few places where you can safely store excess trash among all this snow.