MA Trash Removal Tips in a Snow Storm

With New England weather, you never know what challenges you will face. It’s hard enough trying to figure out where to put the snow, but there’s also the trash to think about. Below are some MA trash removal tips in a snow storm.

Preparing Your Trash

Be sure to cover your trash to prevent the build-up of snow and ice inside the containers. Melted and then re-frozen snow inside receptacles can make it difficult for trash collection personnel to remove the bags and place them in the garbage truck. Also make sure your trash is properly bagged and does not contain loose items. High winds can topple over containers and lead to spillage of any loose items.

Placement of Bins

Place your trash bins in a location that can be easily reached from the street. Requiring trash collection personnel to climb up mountains of snow increases the chances of injury and your potential liability. If possible, shovel out an area along the curb to place your bin.

Timing Considerations

In the middle of a snow storm, it may be best not to put your trash out the night before a scheduled pickup date. Snow plows may damage your bins, or they may end up at the bottom of a snow pile. Depending on the severity of the storm, trash pick-up schedules may end up changing. It is best to wait until the morning to bring your trash to the curb once you know that there are no delays in the schedule.

Be sure to move your bins quickly after pickup to avoid the chances of them being damaged after pickup. Empty bins are even more vulnerable than full ones. They can get blown about or damaged.

MA Trash Removal Tips in a Snow Storm

It is important to consider these simple MA trash removal tips in a snow storm. It can help minimize damage to your trash bins and avoid potentially messy situations. It will also make the trash collection process safer for trash collection personnel. Snow storms add stress and work for everyone, but a little effort and consideration can go a long way.