Residential Trash Removal Tips

Part of being a homeowner and a good neighbor is disposing of your household waste cleanly and efficiently. If you follow these residential trash removal tips, you can ensure that you are doing yourself and those around you the service of keeping your home and your community a cleaner, more efficient place.

Separate Your Trash & Recycling

These days, practically every city and town has a recycling program, which is not only great for the environment, but can actually help you save money. Separating your trash and recycling is better for the environment by ensuring that recyclables go the proper facility for processing. It also reduces the amount of actual trash you throw away. Lastly, if you pay for a trash removal service that charges by the number of bins, you will save yourself the extra pickup costs.

Prohibited Items

You should only put true household waste in your trash. Leave out extraneous “garbage” like dirt, leaves, weeds, and other yard waste. Also leave out prohibited materials such as paint or batteries, which can be hazardous or dangerous. Your local recycling center or transfer station can usually dispose of those in a safe and contained manner.

Properly Bag & Load Your Trash

Put your trash in actual trash bags to keep your bins and garbage cans clean. Also secure the lids to your trash bins, especially if they are located in the garage. Containing trash will minimize the overall smell. That is not only good for your property but also to keep animals away. It also minimizes the mess at pickup time.

Proper Placement of Bins

When putting your trash bins out for pickup, make it easy for dumping. Always face your bins out towards the street with the handles facing your home. Keep them away from obstructions like trees, parked cars and fire hydrants.

Put Bins Out Early

As pickup times can vary between neighborhoods, it is best to get your trash out for pickup early in the morning. The last thing anybody wants is to miss a pickup and have to hold on to trash for an extra week. Also, avoid leaving your trash out days ahead of time. If you are planning to be away for a period of time, arrange for a friend or neighbor to come by and put your bins at the curb.

Summary of Residential Trash Removal Tips

Proper trash disposal is not only the responsible thing to do as a member of your community, but it can prevent city fines and even termination of service. By following these simple residential trash removal tips, you are ensuring a clean and efficient pickup every week.