MA Winter Recycling Tips

Recycling in MA during the winter can be a little more challenging than during the other seasons. This is particular true when there are piles of snow on your property! Here are some MA winter recycling tips to keep in mind.

Use of Containers

If you use open recycling containers, take a few extra precautions to minimize the potential mess on recycling day. Winds and other weather conditions can cause items in your bins to fall out, leaving a mess on your curb. Try not to overfill your bin to being with. If possible, place smaller/lighter objects at the bottom of the bin so they are less likely to fall out.For paper products, you may want to place smaller items in a paper bag or bind certain items together.

Placement of Containers

Think about where you place your bins and avoid putting them out the night before. Place bins close together so they are less likely to fall over. Also ensure that they will not be accidentally hit or moved by passing cars or pedestrians. Finally, remove the bins promptly after your recycling is picked up. Empty bins are more likely to get misplaced or damaged.

MA Winter Recycling Tips

Recycling is important at all times of year and can save money for both you and your community. Like everything else in the winter, a little more thought and care needs to be put into how you handle your recycling. The MA winter recycling tips above will help avoid a mess on your property or damage to your recycling containers.