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Fall Leaf Cleanup Tips

fall leavesIt’s that time of year again. As we get into the fall months, down comes those leaves that you must gather and dispose of. Here are some fall leaf cleanup tips for New England home owners.

Leaf Removal Strategies

There are many different ways to gather up those leaves. You could use a leaf shredder (the reverse function of course), a mulch mower, or a good old rake. It really depends on the amount of leaves you have and the landscape of your yard. For yards with lots of plants and other obstructions, a leaf shredder can suck up, shred, and bag your leaves all in one easy step. This allows you to get behind plants and in other hard to reach places. For large and level yards, a mulch mower shreds the leaves and allows them to be absorbed by your lawn. It essentially acts as fertilizer. For un-level yet open areas, a rake may simply be your best bet. Gather up the leaves and let the kids enjoy a few jumps before you haul them away!

Leaf Disposal

Most communities have pick-up dates during the late fall and/or early winter. Get the schedule ahead of time and make sure that you have plenty of time to bag the leaves. Bags can be purchased at any local hardware store. Place the bags curbside shortly before pickup date and you’ll be all set. To avoid the leaves sitting on your curb and getting wet from rain and other weather conditions, it may be best to schedule your cleanup around the pickup dates.

Other Fall Leaf Cleanup Tips

Having the right tools and keeping them in good repair can make leaf cleanup and less arduous task. The most important of our fall leaf cleanup tips is to simply be prepared,…know how much you have, have the right tools, and time it well with pickup schedules. During the cleanup, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful colors!