Effective Use of Trash Carts

Many communities and trash/recycling services restrict you to one cart (also referred to as toters) per week. These carts often range from 35 to 96 gallons. During the holiday months, you may find that these carts are simply too small. Here are some tips on effective use of trash carts that may be particularly useful over these next few months.

  1. Compact Your Trash
    Crush and compress your trash so that it takes up less space. For example, you can flatten boxes (and maybe cut them into smaller sections) and crush milk/juice containers. This will eliminate empty gaps in your trash.
  2. Think About How You Load
    Trash carts fit a lot more items when you load them properly. Simply throwing things in can leave big gaps between trash bags. Carefully place bags into the carts to use all of its space. This may require some bags to be placed upright and others to be placed on their sides.
  3. Object Sizes
    Sometimes the size of the objects being placed in the carts make it difficult to fit other items around it. Try to load these items according to size. Flat items generally fit best against the back of the cart (which is usually also flat). Sticks and poles can fit against the corners of the cart. For truly odd shapes, try breaking them down into smaller pieces.
  4. Non-perishable Items
    If you anticipate not having enough room in your trash cart, put aside non-perishable items. You can always dispose of these over time by adding them to whatever space is left in your trash cart after perishable items are placed in them.

Taking a little time to think about how you load your trash cart can really go a long way. If you are struggling to fit everything, be sure not to wedge things in too tightly as this may prevent them from being emptied properly. If you need additional trash pickups and your local provider is not able to accommodate, contact Miller Waste Industries. We are happy to perform a one-time pickup for you.

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