Cleaning Outdoor Garbage Cans

No matter how hard we try to keep our outdoor garbage cans clean, liquids and bits of trash always find their way out of the bag and into the can. Cleaning outdoor garbage cans is something we all hate doing. It’s sticky, dirty and smells awful,… so we all avoid doing it for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the problem only gets worse the longer we wait.

Why Cleaning Outdoor Garbage Cans is Important

Dirty garbage cans attract insects and larger animals. Raccoons are particularly notorious for finding their way into cans, ripping open trash bags, and making a huge mess. Flies can squeeze through small gaps in the lid and lay hundreds of eggs,…. resulting in maggots and a horrendous smell. Neglecting your smelly garbage cans will only make your problems worse.

Easy Garbage Can Cleaning

You probably imagine having to crawl inside your filthy, smelly garbage can to scrub off the sticky residue. Cleaning outdoor garbage cans does not need to be this complicated. It can actually be quite simple. First, grab your dish washing liquid and your garden hose. Squirt the liquid inside the garbage can. Try and target any areas that are particularly dirty. Then, take your garden hose and set the sprayer on the strongest setting. Lay the garbage can on its side and spray into the can. Be sure to directly hit the problem areas. The pressure from the spray and the suds from the soap will normally wash away the dirt and grime. Then tilt the can over to dump out the water. Repeat if needed.

Now that you know how to clean outdoor garbage cans without getting your hands dirty, there’s no excuse to delay it any further. With winter right around the corner, it’s a good idea to get this done with your other fall cleaning tasks.