MA Laws on Organic Waste

There is nearly 1.4 million tons of organic waste in Massachusetts every year. Much of it is thrown in the trash and ends up in landfills. Many environmentalists are looking to change MA laws on organic waste.

Proposed Changes

A new law is being proposed that would prevent commercial businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, from dumping food and other organic waste into the trash. It would require such businesses to send organic waste to composting sites or plants specifically designed to convert organic waste into reusable energy and materials. If passed, this law would take effect in 2014. It could also open the door to discussions on requiring residential households to do the same with their food waste.

What Changes to MA Laws on Organic Waste Will Mean for Businesses

If the law is passed, businesses will need to modify their operations to appropriately handle organic waste. This may mean purchasing of special bins and hiring of additional services to pick up and dispose of the waste.  Businesses will also need to evaluate where and how to best store organic waste between pickup dates to minimize pest and odor issues.


More Information

For organic waste removal services, contact Miller Waste Industries at 978-774-1761. We are also happy to discuss the potential changes to MA laws on organic waste and how you may start preparing for the impact on your business.