Fall Cleanup Tips | MA Dumpster Rentals

Spring is not the only time to think about cleaning up your home. Fall is a great time to clear out the junk and get ready for the winter weather. Here are a few Fall cleanup tips to get you started.

Trash Removal and MA Dumpster Rentals

Have you been delaying cleaning out your garage or basement? Don’t let that junk sit through the winter and attract pests. Sort through your items and decide what you should keep, sell, donate, and toss. If you have quite a bit of junk to dispose of, contact us for MA dumpster rentals. Having a dumpster on-site as you perform your cleaning will be more convenient than piling it up for disposal later. If you already have a pile of trash, we can also provide pickup service from its current location. Give us a call to discuss and compare options that meet your needs.

Recycling Time

Piles of newspapers, magazines, cardboard and other similar items are great nesting places for mice and other insects. As the weather gets cold outside, they will be looking for shelter indoors. Don’t make it easy for them to create a nest within your home. Most recycling services will gladly accept those items. If you have too much for a routine recycling pickup cycle, Miller Waste Industries can provide one-time pickup of all your recycling. Call us for a quote.

Leaf Disposal Options

Leaves are probably your biggest waste product during the fall. If your town/city offers pickup service, then you can place leaves in paper leaf bags available at your local hardware store. Place these bags on your curb on the designated pickup date.

If you do not have pickup service, you have a few options. First, you can consider actually mowing over these leaves. This will grind them up and can be left on your lawn as fertilizer. This works better for large lawns and not too many leaves. If you do need to get rid of leaves and other yard waste, we do offer a pickup service. Contact us for details.

More Fall Cleanup Tips

Addressing your cleanup tasks in the fall can help reduce the amount of work required in the spring. Tasks such as waste removal and recycling can also minimize issues over the winter with pests, fire hazards, etc. Take advantage of the cool fall weather and complete your fall cleanup, because you’re likely to get into hibernation mode when the cold weather arrives.