Roll Off Dumpster Safety Tips for Massachusetts

Roll off dumpsters are large rectangular units that are “rolled-off” a truck. Safety precautions should be observed when renting roll-off dumpsters. This is particularly true for residential roll off dumpster rentals as they are typically placed in temporary locations. Below are a few roll off dumpster safety tips to keep in mind.

Child Safety

Children are naturally curious about dumpsters. Many may see it as a playground of sorts. It is important not to allow children to play in or around dumpsters. Individuals placing items into those dumpsters may often throw them over the side walls and may not see or hear small children playing inside. Furthermore, items already placed inside may have nails or sharp edges that may injure children. Always keep the side door of dumpsters closed when not actively being used to minimize the chances of children entering the dumpster without your knowledge, and speak to children in your household about dumpster safety.

Avoid Overloading

You may be tempted to overfill your dumpster to make the most of the rental. This may prevent your roll off dumpster from being picked up or may cause you to incur additional fees from the dumpster company. More importantly, it can present a safety hazard. Items placed over the top of roll off dumpsters are likely to fall and can injury individuals or property nearby. Do not load your dumpster above the top of the container!

Load Evenly

When loading your dumpster, give some consideration to how the materials are spread out. If you are placing heavy materials inside, try and distribute the weight evenly from front to back rather than placing them all on on end. The dumpster must be picked up on your property and loading evenly will make it easier to both pick up and transport the roll off dumpster.

Forbidden Materials

Certain materials are generally not allowed in dumpsters. This includes hazardous, flammable, and toxic materials. It is important to comply with this rule. The dumpster remains on your property for a certain period of time and any such materials will threaten the safety of your family and property. It will also affect the safety of the driver who must transport your dumpster and the workers at the facility that processes it. For the well being of everyone involved (and to avoid being fined), do not place any toxic, flammable, or hazardous materials in your dumpster.

Roll Off Dumpster Safety Tips

It is important to maintain the safety of your property and family when using dumpsters. The above roll off dumpster safety tips are just a few suggestions from Miller Waste Industries. For information on renting roll off dumpsters, please feel free to call us at any time!