Roll Off Dumpster Rental Tips

There are a few things that you should think about before renting a dumpster for temporary placement and use on your property. The following are a few roll off dumpster rental tips.

Type of Trash

When you call to rent a roll off dumpster, you will be asked what types of materials will be placed in it. This helps determine the size of the container you will need. All dumpsters have both volume and weight limitations.

Length of Time Needed

Think about how quickly you will need a roll off dumpster delivered, how long you will need it for, and whether you require specific pick-up and/or drop off times. It will be important to convey this information.

Container Placement

Identify an appropriate place on your property to store the dumpster. Keep in mind that the truck delivering the dumpster will need a certain amount of clearance. You will also need space around the dumpster to transport materials. If the dumpster has a door, you may also want to allow sufficient room to open and close that door.

Protecting Your Property

Dumpsters can cause scratches to surfaces on which they are placed. The weight of the dumpster and materials placed in them can also have an impact on your property. Think carefully about where to place the dumpster and also whether you wish to protect your property by placing cardboard or other materials underneath or around the roll off dumpster.

Summary of Roll Off Dumpster Rental Tips

By thinking about and answering the questions in the roll off dumpster rental tips above, you will make the rental process much easier and also be able to rent a dumpster that best fits your needs. For roll off dumpster rentals in Eastern Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire, contact Miller Waste Industries for a quote!