Waste Container Loading and Safety Tips

When waste containers remain on your property, it is important to take measures to reduce odor, keep the area clean, an maintain safety. Below are some waste container loading and safety tips that will help maintain functionality and safety for both customers and waste management personnel.

Reducing Odors

Odors come not only from your waste but also from leaks into the container. Remember to tightly bag your trash before placing it in the container. If you notice any leaks, address them before placing those bags into the container. This will not only contain the smell from your waste, but it will also minimize leaks into the container itself. Leaks into containers can linger for long periods of time and can cause damage to the unit over time. Minimizing odors will also help reduce bacteria build-up and insects.

Loading Containers

Permanent waste containers have lids and side panels for easy access. It is important that these openings remain closed to keep in odors, prevent wild animals from entering them, and allow for proper pickup. If your container does not fully close or if trash is overflowing to the outside of the container, it will cause a mess on your property, attract animals, and may prevent your load from being picked up or may result in additional cost for the cleanup. Contact your waste management company to arrange for a larger container if you expect to run into capacity issues. Addressing this possibility in advance will help save you money and keep the container area safe and clean.


Certain materials and chemicals should not be thrown away into containers as they are environmentally damaging and can cause a safety concern for both you and the waste removal staff. Examples of prohibited materials include appliances, electronics, batteries, and medical waste. Chemicals include paint, paint thinners, oils, oil based products, and flammable substances, just to name a few. A full list of materials and chemicals can be obtained from your waste disposal company. Special arrangements should be made for these items either through your waste disposal company, special handling facilities, or with your local city or town.

Waste Container Loading and Safety Tips

Waste containers may be a permanent part of your property and can affect how your property looks and smells. By being conscious of what you place in the trash, how you bag your waste, and how you load your container, you can maintain a clean and odor-free space. Observing these waste container loading and safety tips will benefit your property, the environment, and the safety of everyone involved.