Keeping Ants Away from Kitchen Trash Cans

During the summer months, your kitchen trash can may attract some unwanted visitors. Ants can be a particularly difficult problem. If you find just one ant, there are hundreds more nearby. Here are some on keeping ants away from kitchen trash cans.

Why Are There So Many Ants?

You may be asking yourself why there are suddenly so many ants in your home. When ants find food (i.e. in your trash can), they leave a scented trail for others to follow. This explains why you may find ants continuously coming to the same spot in your home even after the food is gone.

How to Address Ant Problems

Once you have ants, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them. Here are a few things you can do. First, address what was attracting the ants in the first place. If it’s your kitchen trash can, you may want to change what you place in the can. For example, if you have bones from dinner, you may want to place them in a small plastic bag first to contain the scent. You can also immediately remove food waste by placing them in your outdoor trash cans instead of the indoor one.

Secondly, when you find ants…

  1. Kill them.
  2. Remove the carcasses.
  3. Clean the area thoroughly (to remove any scent trail nearby).
  4. Place some ant bait nearby.

If you are able to figure out which path the ants are taking (i.e. through a particular floor board), clean the path to that location. It’s also a good idea to seal the entry point.

Keeping Ants Away from Kitchen Trash Cans

Unfortunately, you may continue to find ants in the area for quite some time. With some consistent cleaning and changing your trash disposal habits, the problem should eventually subside. As an additional measure, you can also spray the exterior of your home regularly. Once ant season has passed, you can relax some of these tasks, but try not to be too complacent as an ant problem can quickly return or worsen.