Green Back to School Tips

Every year, as the kids get back to school, parents hit the stores for supplies. If you are environmentally conscious, back to school shopping is another area where you can help preserve the environment. Here are some green back to school tips.

Going Green With Purchases

Waste Not Want Not

back to schoolBefore buying all of the supplies on the back-to-school list provided by your children’s schools, take a look at what supplies you may already have at home. It may not be necessary to buy everything on your list if you have certain items at home, especially if you have duplicates. Think of how many pencils, rulers, and crayons that you have at home and have bought over and over again. Save some money by avoiding duplicate purchases.

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

Binders, backpacks, scissors, pencil boxes, folders,…how many of these items are left over from last year and still in great condition? There’s no need to buy them again if you already have them. Many school supply lists remain the same from year to year, so why not put them to reuse? Clothing and other items can also be purchased used and at significant discounts.

Reusable Supplies

Certain types of supplies can be purchased in reusable or disposable format. Opt for reusable whenever possible. A great example of this are drinking bottles. Rather than purchasign cases of disposable bottles to send with your child to school, why not purchase a reusable and refillable bottle instead?

Recycled Supplies

Many things are now made of recycled materials. You can often find these labels on notebooks, pencils, and other school supplies. By selecting options with the “recycled material” label, you are helping to minimize the use of new resources.

Other Green Back to School Tips

In addition to school supplies, back to school time leads to an increase in travel and other activities that impact the environment. You can go the extra mile in helping the environment by doing things such as biking or walking instead of driving to school, and not leaving the car running for drop-off and pick-up. Every little bit counts and there are many ways for you and your kids