Foods You Should Never Put Down the Garbage Disposal

garbage disposalYour garbage disposal is a great way to keep foods from stinking up your trash barrel and attracting animals. However, not all foods are safe to put down the disposal. Some foods can clog or damage the disposal or damage the sewer pipes within your home. This can result in costly repairs. Here are a list of foods you should never put down the garbage disposal.

  1. Cooking Oils or Fat (especially hot oils)
  2. Egg Shells
  3. Potatoes
  4. Pasta
  5. Rice (especially cooked rice)
  6. Coffee Grounds
  7. Bones or Fruit Pits/Seeds
  8. Twigs (i.e. from grapes or flowers)

Clumpy/starchy items like potatoes and rice will easily clog the drain. Bones are usually too hard and will dull or break the blades on the disposer. Items like twigs may not be fully ground before passing down the drain and can therefore get stuck anywhere along the line.

Damage to your garbage disposal itself can cost a few hundred dollars to replace. Major clogs down the sewer line may require the assistance of a professional to track down and clear out, costing several hundred as well. Damages to your pipes can cost thousands to fix/replace. Regardless of whether it’s a minor or major problem, putting the wrong foods down your disposal causes headaches that you can easily avoid. Prevent the problem altogether by being conscious of what foods you place in your garbage disposal.