5 Easy Ways to Reduce Household Waste

With modern day hectic schedules and families looking for conveniences wherever possible, it is all too easy to let the amount of waste from those conveniences pile up.  Here are 5 easy ways to reduce household waste and eliminate a good portion of garbage you and your family unwittingly produce.

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Household Waste

1. Bag Your Own Snacks

A lot of waste is generated from single serving snacks or food packaged in small containers. Why not buy in bulk and package the snacks yourself in Tupperware containers? You will waste less packaging and save money because buying in bulk generally costs less overall and pre-packaged goods actually cost more for what you get.

2. Re-usable Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are one of the biggest sources of household waste. You can reduce a large percentage of that waste by purchasing re-usable water bottles and buying gallons of water or using a filtration system. The same can be done with children’s juice; instead of juice boxes, buy in jars or jugs and use sippy cups.

3. Re-usable Shopping and Lunch Bags

Instead of using paper or plastic shopping bags, for very little money you can purchase re-usable canvas bags. Not only will they help reduce waste, but they are much more durable than paper or plastic. And instead of re-using your paper or plastic shopping bags for lunch bags, consider a lunch box or cooler bag.

4. Bring Less Waste Into Your Home

One of the easiest ways to reduce household waste is to keep it out of your home to begin with! Try to buy products with the least amount of packaging. When you do buy products with packaging, look to see if the plastic is recyclable. Try to avoid items wrapped in cardboard. Products in cardboard often contain excess packaging. Furthermore, certain types of cardboard, like those encompassing common freezer products, may not be recyclable at all. Also consider buying in bulk whenever possible.

5. Purchase Better Quality Products

While one of your short-term goals might be to save money, consider spending a little more in the present to save yourself more down the road. Better quality products will last you longer, reducing the need to re-purchase the same product over and over again.

Making a Difference in Your Home

If you follow these 5 easy ways to reduce your household waste, you can ensure that you and your family will diminish what you send to the landfill, maintain good habits and decrease your carbon footprint.  You will also save money in the long run. Sometimes small things can actually make a big difference.