Tips for Green School Supplies


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It’s that time of year again for school shopping. As you browse different products for your children, there may be green alternatives. Here are some tips for green school supplies.

1. Recycled Products

Many products are now made from recycled materials. They are usually clearly marked on the packaging. Because these products contain recycled materials, they have consumed less natural resources to make. Selecting these options helps the environment!

2. Reusable Containers

A great way to minimize waste is to purchase reusable products. For example, instead of packing your child’s sandwich in a zip lock bag that gets thrown away, consider purchasing a reusable plastic container. The same goes for water bottles and other daily lunch items.

3. Modern Exo-friendly Options

There are new products on the market with creative ways to minimize waste. For example, there are bamboo dry erase boardsand non-metal staplers. Click here for some more examples.

4. Packaging Matters

Here’s another thought when it comes to green school supplies. Have you ever noticed that some products have ridiculous and unnecessary amounts of packaging? What a waste! By selecting products with conservative packaging, you help minimize some of that waste.

School shopping is always fun and going green will not change that. There are plenty of great green school supplies to choose from. By being just a bit more conscious of the products that you purchase, you can minimize waste and help the environment!