Paper or Plastic – Which Is Better for the Environment?

When you shop at the grocery store, you are often asked whether you’d like paper or plastic. If you have debated about which is better for the environment, here is some information that might help:

Which Is Better for the Environment?

Paper Bags

  • Paper production creates significant air pollution, more so than plastic.
  • Paper takes more energy to recycle than plastic.
  • Paper production uses a lot more water in the process.

Plastic Bags

  • Plastic bags are bad for wildlife, particularly in coastal areas.
  • Plastic bags create more solid waste that takes hundreds of years to degrade.
  • Plastic is cheaper to produce.

Choosing Between Paper or Plastic

paperorplasticBoth paper and plastic have a negative impact on the environment. They use resources and are not easy to recycle. Although there is really no clear answer as to which is better for the environment, many communities have targeted plastic as the bigger foe. Some have gone so far as to ban the use of plastic bags in stores. Ultimately, if you are concerned about the environment, it is best to go with canvas or cloth reusable bags. These are sturdier and minimize waste.