Construction Debris Removal

Construction debris includes mixed materials from construction, renovation, or demolition such as wood, metal, brick, wall board, roofing, plastics, glass, and other general non-regulated and non-hazardous waste. General construction material can be hauled to a material sorting facility for jobs that are LEEDS certified.

Construction Debris Removal

General Construction Debris

Our construction debris dumpsters are open top roll-off containers and range from 10 yard to 40 yard sizes. All types of non-regulated non-hazardous debris may be placed in these containers.

Clean Wood Removal

Unpainted wood excluding pressure treated wood or laminate material is considered clean wood. We offer open top dumpsters (roll-off containers) from 10 yard to 40 yard sizes.

Clean Concrete Removal

Concrete or cinder block materials can be disposed off in our open top roll-off containers ranging from 10 yards to 15 yards in size.

Stumps and Yard Waste

We offer 10 yard to 40 yard roll-off containers for tree stumps and branch waste.

Services by Miller Waste Industries

Miller Waste Industries provides construction debris removal services for Eastern MA and Southern NH construction sites.  Contact us for information and pricing for your construction project.