Waste Removal

Disposing of Hazardous Household Materials

There are many hazardous household materials that you should not throw away in your regular trash or in a dumpster. These include cleaning supplies, home repair chemicals, and household goods such as

Dumpster Loading Tips – Make the Most Of Your Dumpster Rental

Your dumpster can fit a lot of waste,… if loaded properly. A little forethought can save you the hassle of unnecessarily renting an additional dumpster. Here are some dumpster loading tips to help you

Green Renovation Tips For MA

Consider an eco-friendly style to your rehab project. Green building essentially means that you use certain products and procedures that are advantageous for the environment or for your health. The

Options for Removing Home Remodeling Waste

As you prepare for a home remodel, you may be so excited about the project that you may overlook some important details. One of those details is what to do with all of the waste from the project. It

Trash, Keep, Sell or Donate?

If you're getting ready to move, one of your tasks will likely be to look through all of your belongings to decide what to trash, keep, sell, or donate. Here are some tips to help you make some of

Residential Trash Removal Tips

Part of being a homeowner and a good neighbor is disposing of your household waste cleanly and efficiently. If you follow these residential trash removal tips, you can ensure that you are doing

Negative Effect of Landfills

Over 250 million tons of trash is buried in American landfills every year. This is enough waste to cover 16,000 football fields with 10 feet of trash. The negative effect of landfills is widespread;

Plastic Recycling Numbers and What They Mean

On every piece of plastic that is recyclable, there's the recycling symbol and a number. You've probably wondered what those numbers represent. Here's a quick overview of the plastic recycling numbers

Are Pizza Boxes Recyclable?

Have you often pondered over whether pizza boxes are recyclable? It's made of cardboard, which is often recyclable, and there's a recycling symbol on it. However, every time you place it in the

Tips on Preventing Your Trash from Blowing Away

Everyone has probably experienced this at one time or another. You put your trash out on the curb on a windy day and you return home to find it missing. More than likely, it simply blew down the road